Online Bartending

Warning About Online Bartending Training

Please take a moment and read this if you have considered taking an Online Bartending Course versus Hands-on Bartending Training.

There are a number of companies that offer Bartending Training online. These companies claim to be able to teach the skill of Bartending by interactive classes on the computer. I guess, if you planned to virtually bartend at an on-line bar, this may work. But in the real world, you need hands-on practice behind a functional bar. This is not a skill that can be learned by reading a manual.

Most charge between $50 and $100 for the course. Buyer beware!!!! You will get what you pay for. Imagine a nurse trying to draw your blood after taking an online nursing program. You probably would not have much faith in the nurse’s abilities, right? Well, bar managers and owners feel the same way. And the point of taking any bartending training program is to get a job as a bartender!

Online Bartending Schools DO NOT OFFER:

  • Hands-on training behind a real bar!
  • A learning environment that has all the Bar Equipment and tools to learn and practice with.
  • Live interaction with an instructor.
  • Hundreds of liquor bottles for you to practice with and learn from.

The Premium Institute of Bartending DOES OFFER:

  • Hands-on training behind a real bar which helps you become comfortable in your working environment.
  • Provide a learning environment that has tons of tools and Bar Equipment that you can learn and practice with which ensures that you are prepared to successfully step into your Bartending Career.
  • Quality bartending training from experienced instructors that offer personal feedback and improves your speed and accuracy in cocktail preparation.
  • Externships that allow you to work in a bar, club, hotel, or restaurant prior to graduation; this helps you to feel more confident and comfortable prior to going on interviews.
  • The personal attention of on-site owners to ensure quality training at all times.
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